Lake Bohinj, Slovenia with boats, kayaks and mountains in the background

Travel Bucket List 2019

Every time I think about my travel bucket list, I get sweaty palms! It’s a bit like my list of books that I want to read – every time I tick an item off it, I add another three or four onto it. I’ve often thought of it as a good problem to have but recently, I stopped thinking of it as a problem at all. To navigate through life with an ardent curiosity and thirst for adventure is such a pleasure, and an infinitely more attractive proposition than a life of apathy and passivity.

Sun setting behind the mountains and reflecting in Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

99 Days in Eastern Europe: The Awards

99 Days in Eastern Europe: The Awards All of the ‘bests’ from our full-time travelling adventure through Eastern Europe Welcome home, us! Having just returned from 99 days of full-time travel in Eastern Europe, I have loads and loads to share. Good bits, not-so-good bits, unique things to do, amazing food, thoughts, learnings and loads…