Travel Bucket List 2019

Lake Bohinj, Slovenia with boats, kayaks and mountains in the background

Every time I think about my travel bucket list, I get sweaty palms! It’s a bit like my list of books that I want to read – every time I tick an item off it, I add another three or four onto it. I’ve often thought of it as a good problem to have but recently, I stopped thinking of it as a problem at all. To navigate through life with an ardent curiosity and thirst for adventure is such a pleasure, and an infinitely more attractive proposition than a life of apathy and passivity.

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99 Days in Eastern Europe: The Awards

Sun setting behind the mountains and reflecting in Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

99 Days in Eastern Europe: The Awards All of the ‘bests’ from our full-time travelling adventure through Eastern Europe Welcome home, us! Having just returned from 99 days of full-time travel in Eastern Europe, I have loads and loads to share. Good bits, not-so-good bits, unique things to do, amazing food, thoughts, learnings and loads…

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An Ode to Zagreb

An Ode to Zagreb Why I absolutely loved this city and why I think you will too Where do I even start with Zagreb? It just really got me, and got me good. Even when we were in the city, I found it really difficult to put into words exactly what it was about it…

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Our Eastern Europe Itinerary

Our Eastern Europe Itinerary The bits that we’ve booked anyway. And some thoughts on what the rest of it might look like. Eastern Europe has always been a part of the world that I’ve been really curious about. I kind of like the fact that it’s traditionally been thought of as the poor cousin of…

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